Keep Your Friends Close And Your Flex Bags Even Closer

Flex Bag is the world's first innovative ergonomic sling bag that also acts as a discrete, yet comfortable storage solution... Keeping your must-have essentials safelytucked away from the outside world like no backpack can

It's an Investment in Your Peace of Mind

With its anti-theft features and smart design, it ensures worry-free travel, making every adventure enjoyable. Invest in peace of mind with the Flex Bag.

  • Travel Necessities

    Wallet, keys and phone? Check, check and check. Our bags give you plenty of space for all your on-the-go needs, whether you’re making your morning commute or hitting the road for a much needed escape. If you can grab it, Flex can bag it.

  • Essential Electronics

    In today’s modern age, staying connected is a necessity, not a privilege. Now, you can confidently transport your most important electronic devices without the risk of a “snatch and grab,” all in one convenient and comfortable bag. 

  • Smart Phones

    Never go fumbling to find your phone again. Our specially designed smart phone pocket keeps your trusty device secure in an easy to access, body hugging pocket that fits comfortably even under multiple layers.  

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